1-800-WineShop – 3 Ways to Become a Top Wine Shop at Home Distributor

To become a top wine distributor with 1-800-WineShop, you must have a vision set in place.

The biggest reason so many people fail in their home business endeavor is because their vision is all wrong or they don’t have one in place at all. It is easy to make your whole vision, or goal, centered on materialistic things such as money, cars, houses, etc. That is why the statistics of failure are so high in this industry. It is easy to give up when you are waiting for a certain number to appear in your bank account. Instead you must get past the materialistic bi-products of becoming successful and focus on your purpose of wanting to be financially free.

Once you have your mind and body’s energy focused in the right direction you know then are able to build an impenetrable foundation to start your Wine Shop At Home business upon. The 3 most important steps to take once your foundation is laid is to create awesome content, give away tremendous amounts of value, and most importantly, brand yourself.

Step 1. Creating Awesome Content

The kind of content I am referring to is original ideas, opinions, and knowledge that add to building your reputation in a positive light. Your content can be in the form of articles, blog post, social networking, videos, webinars, etc. My suggestion is to start with one medium, learn and implement it, then add another medium until you have built a well rounded spectrum of awesome content for people to enjoy.

Step 2. Giving Away Value

Getting good at creating awesome content is vital to this next step. Your value is going to come from these bits and chunks of content you are producing on a daily basis. The more useful, intriguing content you put out there, the more value you are providing. This is an important reason all of your substance be original and truly valuable. With all the spam floating around you don’t want to appear as it. The more authenticity and passion you put in to your work, the more your work will glitter in a sea of junk.

Step 3. Branding Yourself

Most importantly, you want to brand yourself in the eyes of your followers, co-distributors, and future prospects. This is done by staying consistent in steps one and two so you have a solid reputation for being a real and genuine person. One of the most successful strategies to branding yourself is to acquire (yourname).com and set up a blog to link all your content back to. The purpose of all this is to make people feel comfortable with you and to trust that your advice and knowledge will be beneficial to their circumstance(s). Also, positively branding yourself is a way to ensure you have a sound and sturdy business structure to stand upon your foundation for years to come.

Now that you have discovered the basic skills that top distributors have been using as basis to building their businesses time and time again, go out there and begin creating valuable content to share with the millions of interested prospects wandering around out there on the web. Now you are on your way to becoming part of the 2% that “gets it” in the home-based-business industry.

By mezza