Modern day business mentor-ship or coaching has become the new buzz topic in the business coaching sector. For many high performers it takes more than just a member of senior leadership to drive an individual to a higher level of achievement. That is why so many young leaders are in touch with superior business coaching.

From a coaching perspective a client has much more skin in the game than a forced partnership with a veteran employee. Essentially those who seek coaches aren’t necessarily looking for someone to show them the ropes, they are looking for someone to support their motivation to climb the ropes! Coaches can help clients develop strong repeatable processes that will tap into that person’s motivational psyche. A veteran employee may lack the motivation skills needed for good business coaching and teach someone bad habits instead.

When one reaches out to a coach they have to be willing to jump in with 2 feet and drive the results. Business coaches are there to share in the success, not do the work for their clients. If it means scheduling around family time or requiring that a client gets up earlier or stays up later, those become real sacrificial choices to motivate a coach into assisting a client succeed. The lessons learned and the results yielded will always be on the positive because coached often times offer an outsider’s perspective.

If possible it is best to seek a coach who will be a cultural fit for the operation. A coach who is there for a swimming team, but has a fear of water, might be a more detrimental experiment than a positive one. Now a coach who is there for the swimming team, and loves to explore underwater has a much more positive result on the depths and other perspective of the swim team. Say for instance now we apply that to business. In the real estate sector a business coach who works for a developer of single family homes better understand the value of having a yard and a suburban lifestyle. If this coach is more interested in living in a condo and does not like to talk to their neighbors, then this coach may offer a more secluded perspective instead of a welcoming one to a development team.

Now from the side of a coach who is seeking clientele, it may be wise to consider some finer points. Client qualification is one that is very important, if a coach for direct sales of diapers is trying to gain prospective clients through visiting retirees that coach may find that their target market is better suited to the sales people at Buy Buy Baby.Qualification of a coaches target market is very important.

Coaches need to focus on results driven transformations. Perspective clients need to know that this coaching process will tap into the deepest parts of their motivations towards success. That through the process both the coach and the client will transform into the next successful phase of their endeavors due to the interaction in the process.

Ultimately the coaches of modern day business are more than motivators, they are partners in unlimited development. For the client they are a confidant with whom no weakness will be judged. For the coach they are the ones who truly love people and love the projects involved with development. Each relationship is one that will show a positive result if the coach and client do their homework together.

By mezza