3 Super Hot Home Business Productivity Tips

How much productive time do you actually spend on your home business? Are you mainly wasting time checking email, hanging out on Facebook, and aimlessly searching? Maybe you have some level of productivity but are looking to improve even more.

In this article you will learn 3 very effective ways to super charge your home business productivity. Beware: it will take some discipline but the rewards you reap will pay you for years to come!

1. ALWAYS start by “warming up”.

So how do I warm up? Think of how an athlete warms up before a game. They start by stretching their muscles, running a few laps and depending the sport practicing the game motions.

Apply this to your business as well. Mindset is so critical so start off by listening or watching some empowering mindset training. A really easy way to do this is to go to YouTube and search out some of your mentors. This will get the cobwebs out of your brain and get you prepped and ready to work. Your work will be more valuable because of the mindset you started it with. As a result your day will produce many fruits.

2. NEVER check your email first.

Email is a great tool when you have a home based business but it also can sabotage your day. You most likely start your day with good intentions but all it can take to throw you off is your inbox. Before you know it you are off Facebooking or shopping or just spending time reading other people’s blogs rather than posting to yours!

A good rule to live by is to complete your income producing tasks before you check your email. Return phone calls to customers and clients, work on your marketing techniques, create a new blog post. Get these activities done before you enter your inbox!

3. Challenge yourself to so something hard everyday.

The truth is that you most likely have many great ideas in your head about how you are going to grow your business. They are probably great ideas. The problem is they are “hard” to implement.

It is true that some things are hard to do online or offline in business. The best way to get over the difficulty of a task is to just dive into it and get started. The best feelings of accomplishment come when the hardest task is completed. Entering your day with this mindset will help you achieve more than you thought possible!

So now that you read these three easy steps to increase your productivity go out and implement them!

By mezza