A Million Distractions

They say in advertising that you can choose one of three options; boredom, shouting and seduction. Which do you choose?

Every day we are exposed to millions of different signals that let’s your insular cortex (responsible for consciousness) know to act or not to act.

Stop at the red light, cross the street, have lunch, take a nap; some life threatening, some mundane.

The other day I was standing in an elevator with one of those glares across my face when I realized the elevator isn’t moving. I HAVE to actually do something. Click!

You and I have so much to remember on a daily basis that sometimes we completely forget what we are doing. We move into a kind of robotic mode. This is a result of over choice.

I bring this to your attention to remind you of something most marketers forget: the customer is seldom paying attention.

The same way I know I should push the button in order to make the elevator move, your customer is aware of needing to act. The problem is they just not thinking about it.

They have too many other things to think about.

Most marketers’ solutions are to try to steal the attention of the customer. Loud colours, big banners, noise, SPECIALS!! These are all sad alternatives that have a negative effect on the customer. Like sneaking up behind them and shouting, “LOOK OUT!”

Is this any way to start a solid relationship?

I vote for seduction.

They say the skilful use of words is the most impressive of human powers. Through words you can entice your customer with a thought more interesting than the one they are thinking.

The mind is an amazing thing. It is constantly looking, analyzing and scanning. All the while ignoring the average, mundane, the boring; the abnormal, fascinating and enticing is captured and examined.

If you want your customer to willingly give you their undivided attention the solution is simple. Give them a thought more interesting than the one they are currently thinking. Do this with magical words worthy of opening heavens gates.

You need not shout…

By mezza