Are You Ready to Make a Full-Time Income on eBay? Test Yourself

Are You Ready to Make a Full-Time Income on eBay? Test Yourself

Many people think that it is easy to make a full-time income on eBay. Actually, only a small percentage of eBay sellers earn a full-time income. They follow certain actions consistently and hold themselves to a higher level.

Take this quick test and see how you compare:

Do you know how to set up listings to maximize views? Full-time sellers know how to set up dynamic listings on eBay. Furthermore, they comply with all of the rules and guidelines so that their auctions don’t end up delisted.

Do you have a steady source of inventory? Full-time sellers have reliable sources for all of their inventory. They never have to scramble and they always have multiple listings running at any given time.

Do you have main product lines that you sell? Full-time sellers follow the philosophy of doubling up on the winners and cutting the losers. They stick with what they know and have knowledge about. They are not afraid to try new product lines but are quick to abandon them if the statistics warrant it.

Do you actively follow up with your buyers? Full-time sellers actively market to their buyers. They cultivate their buyers’ list, aiming to upsell as well as obtain referrals.

Do you take time to learn new concepts and strategies in eBay selling? Full-time sellers spend time on eBay’s forum and other auction forums to exchange ideas and hints with other active sellers. They are lifelong learners of eBay selling.

If you want to make a full-time income on eBay, you should be able to answer “yes” to all of the above questions. If you really want to earn good money on eBay, then use the above questions as your checklist and commit to becoming a full-time seller. Once you do, you will be amazed by the results.