Best Home Business Ideas – 3 of Our Top Picks

As more and more jobs are being lost all across the county people are thinking of creative ways to make money. Most people are moving toward making money online. And in this article I will share with you how you can start making money online with 3 of our top picks.

Making money can be broadly summarized into three categories

1. Sex / relationship

2. Money

3. Health

These are the big money making markets online – I know often people include two more categories

1. Hobbies

2. Sports

However for this article we will limit ourselves to the first 3. We will do this because selling on a ‘need’ is easier than selling on a ‘want.’ The first three are ‘need based’ markets and the other two are want’s based markets.

You can put most things that make money in broadly these three markets. Take a look at the advertisements on tv. Most of them focus on one of these three marketing. Either you will see a woman looking gorgeous with a handsome man – thus selling you sex ‘if you use their product’. Or you will see a healthy looking ‘doctor’ trying to tell you the benefits of using their products and how you will die a horrible death if you don’t. Or There will be a rich looking businessman / celebrity endorsing a product that ‘will make you rich’ (or at least make you seem rich) if you use their product.

Though television advertisements aren’t directly saying any of this and they wouldn’t want you to know that this is what they are saying. However the images speak louder than the words, and just by analyzing how advertising is done you will notice the trend in what they ‘really’ are selling.

Within each of these markets there are sub markets – for example in the money market there are sub markets such as;

1. employment

2. job advice

3. forex trading

4. make money online

5. affiliate marketing

6. info product selling

7. AdSense marketing

8. real estate investment

9. self help and wealth principles

By focusing your efforts on one of these broad markets it will be easier for you to make quick money online and benefit from your efforts online.

So whatever model seems like the best model for you – take a look at that – study it for a while and then get to it. To ensure that you are successful and getting your business of the ground follow someone who has done this – the best way to do that is to find out what other marketers are doing and how they got where they are today.

By mezza