Blogging For Your MLM Business

There are a plethora of resources that you can utilize to promote and sell your business, but if you want to inject a personal touch in regards to your marketing, a business blog is a great way to do so. That’s just one of many reasons why blogging is instrumental in promoting an MLM business. In order for you to maximize the advantages of blogging, you’ll have to familiarize yourself about what they are.


*Building online visibility

*Employing attraction marketing through branding

*Increasing visits through search engines

*Acquiring targeted leads when they visit your blog

*Its high interactivity paves the way to a professional relationship with visitors

*Blogs are cheap and easy to set up


Now that you know the advantages, how do you exactly start a blog?

There are two ways to go about it. You can choose which one is more convenient for you. Sites like , , and offer free blogs. A stand alone blog platform, on the other hand, gives you more freedom to operate, not to mention that you can acquire more bandwidth to sustain the content you are publishing for your MLM business. You can also establish your own domain name, as opposed to a hosted blog platform where you are only provided a subdomain. A popular site that provides domains for businesses is , which charges $10 every year. There are other sites to choose from in setting up your own domain.


Once you’re ready, you have to be aware of the important things you can write about to set your blog in the right direction.

The introductory post is the most important, so you have to make sure that you put in there the key factors that would make a great first impression. Keep the first post simple and easy to understand. The very first post is an introduction; it is a simple guide that aims to help beginners in the MLM industry on getting started. Add a personal touch by writing about your own experiences – your humble beginnings, challenges encountered, and what you did to become successful. Make it sound like a coming-of-age story; this will inspire and motivate them. Once you’ve made this effect on them, they will see you as an excellent leader – someone they can rely on when it comes to business opportunities.

At this point, most readers would be excited to hear everything you have to say, so you should have a link at the bottom of the entry that invites them to subscribe to a newsletter. This link should direct them to an online form. Once you’ve received contact information from the readers, they are automatically considered targeted leads.

You don’t stop there, of course. You will need to write more articles. Writing very informative articles about the niche at least three times a week should maintain the interest of your targeted leads (and eventually, most of them will join you in your MLM business), not to mention the increase volume in traffic.

Always keep in touch with your leads, and try your best to help them every time they have queries. You have established a strong foundation, and if you keep vigilant and maintain a positive attitude, it can only pave the way for success in your MLM business.

By mezza