Business Online Advertising

Experts say that the market is already ripe for internet advertising. Many people are already utilizing the electronic medium as an advertising platform for many products and services. Ads are everywhere: Yahoo banner ads, Google ads for the new Google Chrome, loan providers, and even political candidates incorporating online strategies into their political campaign. Even President Barrack Obama has put the internet to a very good use during his presidential campaign. With this kind of attention given to online advertising, there must be a compelling reason as to why business people are investing more money into business online advertising.

With an estimated 2 billion internet users logging on everyday, business online advertising becomes a very attractive platform for global brands and multinational companies such as Giant Arches Inc. (McDonald’s), and Microsoft. Apparently because global brands are the ones which will be benefited by the worldwide internet campaign, these are also the businesses which invest more money into internet advertising efforts. But it is a common misunderstanding that online advertising is only limited to banner ads posted in websites with heavy traffic. Small scale businesses and people who want to centralize advertising efforts in the internet still have options other than pricey banner ads.

Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing (also called as E-zine marketing) is a form of online advertising which involves getting a list of e-mail addresses and sending them newsletters about your company, products and services offered, and ordering information. This strategy may be annoying to unwitting people who do not need spam-like e-mails. However, many newsletter marketing strategies have been proven effective in captivating consumers. An essential aspect of newsletter marketing is that it must be case-specific; targeted only to people who will most likely buy your product. If you are selling winter boots, why mind buying e-mail lists of people in tropical countries?

Social Networking Site Ads

Billions of users all over the world are able to access social networking sites online. But if your product is not aimed at global distribution, you can limit information dissemination only to your immediate social group, to your friend’s friends, former acquaintances and family members. A majority of the people online are now using social networking sites for their entrepreneurial activities. And the best thing about this option is that it is 100% free. Meaning you can use and abuse the medium for as long as you are complying with the terms and conditions stated in using a particular social networking site. Advertise to your heart’s desire and you do not have to pay for a single cent.


This is a new term coined by people who first thought of using blogs in advertising certain products that the blogger uses. Blogvertising is especially effective when the blogger has a steady stream of followers in the internet. The reach of the blogvertising method is dependent on how many people read through the blogs. What must be remembered though is that bloggers who are paid to advertise certain products and services must be careful in making the blog appear like an ordinary post – devoid of any selling pitch. That way, business online advertising can be passed off as ordinary web logs.

By mezza