Create Your Own MLM Training Material

Who says role playing is just for kids? Simulation is one of the best ways people absorb and retain information. With that knowledge in hand, it is no wonder that role playing is one of the greatest resources of MLM training material. Unfortunately, too much of our MLM education is accomplished through class room style lecture and if it is really progressive, it is lecture with a PowerPoint presentation. Unfortunately, studies show us that this type of learning fades quickly and falls by the wayside, while the simulation qualities of role playing are much more lasting and permanent.

A good place to begin deals with the fundamentals of the business. One training scenario might cover product presentation. Choose a product from the product line of your network marketing company and have one distributor do a product presentation of that particular product with another distributor. When the distributor finishes, have the other distributor critique such things as presentation of features and benefits, confusing words or statements, personal habits that are distracting and other things that can either help or hurt in the presentation process. In another training session have a distributor present the MLM business opportunity to the another distributor. The same types of evaluations would be done at the end of the presentation. When one distributor has finished their presentation, the two distributors would switch roles.

The best training material most often comes from the real life encounters that distributors are having in the field. Your training sessions should focus on addressing those real life examples. At the start of your training session ask your distributors to throw out a situation or encounter that has been challenging for them. Once you have determined the example you want to teach from, have the person who gave that example join you in the role play. Most often these real life examples will revolve around objections to either the product or opportunity presentation. During this role playing session, you would want to give 3 or 4 solutions for overcoming the objection that has been given. Another direction for this approach would be the soliciting of suggestions from other distributors in attendance, of how they would handle the objection.

When it comes to role playing simulations, there really is no limit to the amount of excellent training that can come about from these sessions. You can even take these sessions beyond the sales process and into the team development aspects of the network marketing business as well. An example of this would be a conversation with a distributor who seems to have lost their passion for the business. In another scenario, you could role play another conversation with a distributor who has been close to a new level of achievement, but just can’t seem to quite make it.

Remember, the more you role play, the more internalized the fundamentals of the MLM business will become for you and your distributors. Other than actual field experience, there is no greater MLM training material available than the role playing of real life examples.

By mezza