Discover the Difference Between Home Business Opportunity and Success

I have many articles on the topic of the Home Business Opportunity and the amazing opportunity that it gives people looking for something fun and different. This article is one of the best.

This article was created after a conversation with on of my business partners, a recruit in our Network Marketing Company. She was feeling very frustrated due to the lack of action or progress in her business. After listening to her story, complaints and frustrations I asked her a few questions:

Have you been shopping on your site?

Did you go though the company training?

Have you kept track of the social sites of the company?

Reading these questions you would think that someone wanting to succeed in any business would have already done what I was asking about. It seems very simple and straightforward how to start a business especially if there is a guideline on how and where to start.

Anyway, here is how the Q&A went:

No, I have not done any shopping because no one else is shopping. Me: Why? If you are not shopping how are you going to show other people how to shop? Moving goods is the only way people make money in business, especially ours. You do not have to shop for things you do not need or want. Be a smart shopper! Show your friends how to be smart shoppers… on your site.

I only saw the first video. I plan on seeing the other videos when I get time. Me: Seriously? You have had your business for 6 months and there are only 5 videos. The longest one is 8 minutes! If you get a job (working for someone else) you have to go though training. You invested in a business with a training outline (that takes less than an hour) so you could maximize your time and effort. Get back on track with the training and on the road to success.

No, I wanted to, but it seems like a lot of work. Me: Wow! You really can’t be frustrated in the business. Your frustrations are about your lack of attention to the business. If there is a bulletin board at work, you look at it everyday. It takes you minutes to catch up on the events in the company. The Facebook page, the company blog and the YouTube page is the same thing. It allows 1,000s of people to interact with the company and each other. You are not required to read everything, but spend some time 5 to 10 minutes every other day reading about what is going on.

I felt like a manager again when we were talking, when in fact we are partners. This is why there is an amazing failure rate of 97% in home business. People do not give the attention needed to succeed! If they only knew those 30 minutes a day would give them the tools to succeed.

All you have to do is get started.

Know your product and use it.

Know your business and believe in it.

See yourself successful!

There is a proven formula and it is in your grasp.

Learn How To Make Money Easily!

By mezza