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Money Management Applications: Save Easier

1. Perfect. If you are one of those people we talked about who have a tendency to recoil at the thought of numbers, then you are going to be looking for an application that is streamlined and is very easy to use. And mint may perhaps be the best one for you. This is produced by the manufacturers of TurboTax as well as QuickBooks, the application would cater those people who want to value overall ease of use as well as want a fast setup. This application will connect you to your monthly bills, 401k, credit cards, checking and savings account, allowing it to automatically update you each and every time you will make a purchase. One of the advantages of this application is that you can generating spending goals and Mint is the one able to keep you updated as you are approaching them.

2. PocketGuard. This application will let you classify your subscriptions, bills as well as expenses and turn them into a graph for you to better visualize your budget. And similar to Mint, the PocketGuard will right away sync to your credit cards and bank accounts so that you will have an idea on the amount of money you can dispose and any given period of time. Aside from this, users definitely love this application because of the budget suggestion it gives as well as convenience.

3. IOU. And this application is a little bit different from the earlier applications that we have discussed since it concentrates more of its attention on the debts – what others owe to you and what you owe to other people. And this includes loans as well as monthly bills. And this application is not a full-blown budgeting app, on the other hand, it will notify you to your upcoming bills that must be paid and it will help you to plan things ahead of time as well as this can be a great resource if you are the kind of person who would always reach the lunch tab first.

4. Budget. This application claim to be the first “true day by day financing application,” this application would track your expenses as well as income in real time and give you a daily limit in the way you spend your money. And this application is perfect for people who are just beginning with their budgeting venture and would want to work in a small amount of money. And also, this application will allow you to disseminate your spending habits which can assist you on how to budget very well for your future.