Do You Need to Work Your Home Business Full Time to Gain Success?

First off let me define full time and part time. Full time is based on 40 hours per week within a Standard 5 day Work week. Part time would be 5 to 12 hours per standard 5 day work week. This work schedule pertains to those Employed by someone else where they punch a time clock, (working for man) in other words.

Now with a home business the definition of full time would be 7 days per week daylight to dark, and part time Does not exist. Always keep in mind when you own your own home based business time is not of the essence. Here is why. Your business is like a new born baby and needs your full undivided attention. Your business will not Grow unless you are there 24/7 to nurture it to a point where it will finally sustain itself. That takes full time Involvement on your part.

When you work from home you make yourself available 7 days a week, Why? Because the two main tools you use To build your business are your phone and your computer. These two tools will keep you in touch with your team Or group sometimes referred to as your down line. Remember, you have no control over someone in your group Sending you an email or calling you, when they do you have to answer and return an email in a timely manner, not doing so will be the down fall of your home business.

When I started my online business the only information I had, was that which was given to me by the person who Introduced me to the work from home industry.

This individual did not tell me how much time I truly needed to invest in order to build a lucrative home based Business. For the record, my total man hours invested was right around 15 to 18 hours per day, 7 days per week. You may be saying to yourself right now; “WOW! How could anyone spend that much time with a home business.”

Here is why; I was constantly trying to motivate everyone in my group to “Build Their Own Businesses.”

The other Reason I logged so many hours, was I had so many people contacting me day and night with Questions about the business, needing me to do 3-way calls with their prospects and dealing with unrelated Issues; Basically baby sitting.

All in all I found that baby sitting grown ups does not work. So, 3 years ago I just started building their businesses for them. This proved to be the ticket for me to attain the success I desired.

By mezza