If you are looking to make the switch to a new bank, it’s likely there are a few features that your old bank lacked. When deciding on the perfect bank, it’s important to take the time to make a list of the features you personally want. This will ensure that you can check all the features off when evaluating a potential bank to identify if it’s the right fit for you or not. Let’s see what some of the features on your must-have list should include.

Fees and Rates 

No one wants to bank at an institution that charges extravagant fees on key banking necessities. It’s important to ask up front what the fees will be. Look into the specifics of overdraft fees, if there are any minimum amounts that need to be in an account for it to remain active, or if you must have a certain number of deposits made each month. These are all key factors that you should consider when talking with a new bank about your business.

The rates a bank offers can be a make it or break it feature. Rates for loans should be something that you look into. This will allow you to compare the rate of a potential bank to that of other competitors. Be sure not to overlook the smaller credit union banks, as they can have very competitive rates compared to the traditional big banks.

Number Of Branches And ATMs 

Having access to your money and banking features is an important thing to consider. You may prefer a bank that has multiple branches if you travel frequently. In addition, checking out where you can withdraw money from an ATM and not be charged is another important factor. You want to eliminate being charged to access your money as much as possible.

We encourage you to see what sort of ATM networks the bank is part of, such as Star, MoneyPass, or Allpoint. Once you know this, head online to the ATM network’s website. You should be able to search your location for all the local ATMs that are part of that network in which you can access your money with zero-fees.

Great Customer Service 

No one wants to be treated like another number on the accounts receivable list. You should visit the branch that you intend to sign up for a banking account at to see how well their customer service operates. Read reviews online about specific banks and branches to see what others are saying as well. You should look for similarities in the reviews that people post to get a good idea of how the bank’s customer service is.

When you are deciding on switching to another bank, it’s important to take the time to ensure the new bank has all the necessary features that you are looking for. You should always create a list of features that you want a bank to have. Mark them as mandatory and preferred. Every bank you think about joining should be assessed via your list to ensure all your mandatory features are met by the bank and, hopefully, some of your preferred features as well.


By mezza