Free Submit to Search Engines – 3 Guaranteed Best Bets

Getting properly submitted to search engines is critical to the success of your online enterprise. To get it done free of charge is an extra challenge, but there are ways. Following are the three easiest. They are all free and highly respected by the search engines:

First Choice: By far the most highly regarded is a place called . They have a very high page rank so that after they publish your article, if you write it properly to maximize your search engine optimization, you have an excellent chance of getting to the top 10 for your keyword sometimes within days. This place is truly incredible.

Second Best: Go to a place called . They haven’t got as high a page rank as EzineArticles, but they are also free and have a whole lot of tutorials to help you get set up. They also allow you to build your web site on theirs if you like for free. It is pretty hard to beat that. You can also submit articles to the first place and have them link to your pages on for extra link juice. No charge for any of this.

Third Best: It is a place called . They are fun to deal with. I love their software and their end product is probably the prettiest. They also allow you to set up business on their campus as it were and at no charge again. You can have a little empire set up between these three within days if you know what you are doing.

Just keep it honest, above board and be patient because sometimes these places take a little getting used to. You can even download videos to Squidoo. EzineArticles won’t allow it nor pictures. HubPages allow both also.

Taking a bit of time, you will have submitted free to search engines and you’ll be on your way to online success all at no charge

By mezza