Green Products From Home Business: Make Money Saving the Environment

So, you want to work from home AND save the environment! Although some may tell you this is a tall order, I know of a few folks that are making a decent living, working from home, selling environmentally safe products and services. Your timing could not be better. Polls show more and more people everyday are becoming committed to living a greener lifestyle. Companies who have shown the initiative to create sustainable products and services are going to thrive in the years to come! I wanted to briefly mention some of the best green companies who are currently offering work from home opportunities. There are a few things you must consider before wasting any time and money on a home based business startup.

The green movement has continues to pick up momentum over the last several years as middle of the road consumers become concerned about global warming and pollution. There are many green business opportunities out there; and more being created every day. Below are some of the fasted growing companies with decent commission structures.

Best Green Home Based Companies

Brilliant Earth: is a conflict-free diamonds and jewelry company specializing in eco-friendly platinum and gold jewelry.

Only Green 4 Me: dealers have a huge environmentally friendly product list to work with. They sell everything from green office supplies to furniture, and computer equipment.

Prequence: this unique franchise if based on sending clients real estate listings via text messages rather than paper.

Environmental Waste Solutions: is a home based waste consulting company. Representatives can hear income by helping companies reduce the cost they are spending on waste and recycling.

Organic Caboose: specializes in eco-friendly child care products including diapers.

Essante Worldwide: is a leader in the eco-friendly health and beauty industry.

The Happy Gardener: as the name implies; this company has a line of products for gardening.

Greenheart: is a non-profit organization that promotes eco-friendly, fair trade products. They have a product list that includes everything from toys, cookbooks, and t-shirts.

Malalueca: is a leader in the health and wellness industry.

These companies are varied in the products and services they provide. I have chosen them because I wanted to create a list that would cover a wide variety of possibilities and be valuable to anyone. I watch the home based business industry closely and there are literally new green home based companies starting up all the time; however, the list I have provided is what I believe to be solid companies with good compensation plans.

If you are just investigating the possibility of working from home selling green products you must consider your major cost. This is the same for every business: marketing! There is one truly “green” way to market any product, service, or opportunity and that is through internet marketing. Mastering internet marketing virtually ensures success these days, and avoiding it usually leads to failure.

By mezza