Home Business Tips – What’s Your Target? Tips to Assist You Hit Your Bulls Eye

What are you trading your life for? Do you really know what your target is? What are you aiming for? Most people do not have a clear idea of why they go to work every day, it is just a habit to pay the bills.

The majority of people are disappointed with their goals or targets because they have not had good results. The best example today is new years resolutions. Most resolutions are tossed aside within weeks of starting them. Why is that, how come people can be so fired up and excited one day only to turn around and forget it!?

Three reasons why people fail to achieve their goals…

frustrating & painful, so many people have bad experiences and are not willing to risk another

just another disappointment

not willing to delay gratification in order to achieve success in the future

The two most used excuses no matter what the goal, target or undertaking, whether it be a home based MLM business, a new food plan or keeping up to date with your filing.

too hard

too expensive

Goals don’t work for so many because people fail to write their goals down and they don’t believe they can accomplish them.

Too many times goals are set from the perspective of fear. You go after something you don’t want rather than something you want. An example would be the goal of getting out of debt vs. the goal of financial freedom. Be sure to word your goal using the positive terms of what you want.

In order for those new goals/targets to happen you will have to develop new habits. In order to start new habits you will have to break some of your old habits. An example would be television, you cannot build a home based business if you are sitting around watching TV a couple of hours per nite. That is a habit you would have to break in order for you to hit the success target in your home based business. That is the only way you will be able to find the time to do the things you need to do in your home based business.

New habits don’t really take root until you let go of something you already have. Figure out which of your habits are not supporting you on your journey of building your business and decide what you need to replace them with. Then bit by bit and day by day you will convert that old bad habit into a habit that allows you to Hit Your Success Target!

By mezza