How I Became the Top Recruiter of the Month in 3 Months

I was very honored to learn I was the top US enroller and one of the top 4 worldwide for the month of June 2011 in my company, after just 3 months of working with them.

Am I one of those big names in the industry? No. Do I have some type of super skills and talent? No. Did I use some amazing undiscovered strategy? No.

So, what’s the secret? How did I manage to become the top recruiter of the month in just 3 months into the business?

The secret is, there is no secret. There is no magic formula or tricks to network marketing.

Let me start with how to get any kind of success in this industry. Here’s my critical Three C’s in MLM.

Be Coachable

Your company should have some type of a system to follow. Follow it. Find out what your best tool is to promote your business. It’s usually either a website, conference call, webinar, or opportunity meeting. Then learn how to follow up, such as 3-way calling. Plug into the company and team training. Find a leader in your upline who can support you and follow what they teach you, to a T.


Make a decision and commit to your business. Treat it like a business and not like a hobby you’ll get to when you feel like it. Commit to working on it on a daily basis. Commit to attending all events as much as you possibly can, and read every single company updates and team mailing. Get serious. Decide that you’ll do what it takes.

Be Consistent

Continue being coachable and committed. How much time you have to work on your business is not as important as staying consistent. Continue learning and improving your skills and your daily business building activities. Expect to face challenges and go through ups and downs. Remember what got you excited in the first place and what your goals are, and stay focused.

Simple, isn’t it?

Now, how do you get massive results quickly?

Take Massive Action

Ready? Get comfortable being uncomfortable. What generates money in this business is prospecting. Talk to people, and lots of them. Expose new people to your business on a daily basis. Get more exposures, and get more enrollments.

How many people should you talk to each day? Since we are talking about massive action here, I say keep it in double digits. If you are working with leads that was generated online, you may need to call 30-40 people in order to get to 10 people.

The money’s in the follow-up. Most people will need multiple exposures to your business before committing, so follow up professionally. Keep taking your prospects to the next step, and invite them to enroll.

Review and reflect. Do more of what’s working, and look to adjust where improvement is needed. Keep your pipeline filled with quality prospects. Yes this will take a lot of commitment. It’ll probably mean you’ll be seeing less TV, less social and leisure time, and even less sleep. But if you want massive results, keep your foot on the gas and don’t let it go.

Do you really have to do ALL of the above? Not really. But personally, I like guaranteeing massive results. It’s YOUR business. You are accountable for your own success.

I know this – it’s REALLY nice to see your own name on the top list.

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By mezza