How the Power of Imagination May Help Curb Our Food Cravings

Many of us find it an increasing battle trying to find ways to curb our cravings for sweets and other junk foods, however there are some simple steps which may help. Imagination has long been renowned as a powerful tool in achieving any goal, including weight loss. Perhaps we have even heard or read about people using their powers of imagination to visualise themselves looking slim and fit, which is instrumental in helping them to maintain a weight loss programme. This technique is employed by professional athletes to help improve their performance in sporting events.
We too can employ the same techniques to diminish cravings for certain foods, and it is so simple and easy to do.

How we begin:
The next time that we have a craving for food which we know will be detrimental to the success of our diet, we should find a quiet place where we can be alone to gather our thoughts. We should sit silently with our eyes closed and take slow, deep breaths. This will help relax and calm us in preparation for our imagination exercise.
The next step is to bring to mind the image of the food which we are craving. We must clearly imagine what the food looks like. Is the food in a bowl, a plate or take away container? Is it hot or cold, spicy or sweet and how does it smell? We should imagine leaning closely over the food and absorbing the aroma, savouring and deeply inhaling the smells.

Now we should imagine lifting a morsel of this food to our mouth and taking a small taste. Really think about the taste, and enjoy and savour this memory as if we are actually eating the food at this moment. Next we imagine indulging in a much bigger bite, chewing slowly to release the flavour into our mouths. Finally once chewing is complete, imagine swallowing, before indulging in another hearty bite.

We should imagine keeping going, morsel by morsel, until we feel that we have had enough. By sitting back for a few minutes and imagining how sustained and happily full we feel, we will have the same feeling of contentment that we accomplish when we really have just enjoyed a serving of delicious food.

How did that make us feel? If we fully mentally commit to this experience, we will be surprised to notice that we are able to curb our cravings and will no longer feel the desire to eat this food. We will achieve the same feeling of satisfaction that we would have if we had actually eaten the food.

We should be aware of the fact that this exercise will not be successful if we are actually hungry at the time we try to do it. If we are physically hungry, we should eat a small snack such as a small salad before attempting this exercise. We will achieve a more successful outcome if our stomach is already satisfied. This exercise is geared to help with emotional cravings and to satisfy our mind more than other issues.Kuliner kota Malang