How to Design Your Work Environment For Success

Your environment can make you or break you. There are four aspects to your business and personal environment that this article will cover.

Your support system. You need supportive relationships other than your spouse and your immediate family. You may say that your husband or wife is your best friend, but if you complain to your best friend all day long they will get tired of you. You need 3 or 4 close friends that you can share your deep thoughts and feelings with. You need people who will give you direct, honest and constructive feedback. Many home business owners especially those who work online, suffer from emotional and intellectual isolation. You need to create a web of humanity, a circle of associations who will inspire and support you.

You must surround yourself with 100% reliable people in your business. If you have team members or employees that are not completely reliable then you need to replace them with people that you can count on. If you can not trust your team members to perform as they should you will be wasting your own time constantly checking up on them to see what has been left unfinished.

Bad associations; this would include friends who are constantly negative, complaining or who always tell you what you can not do. If you constantly associate with 9 losers guess who loser number 10 will be? This does not mean that you have to dump all of your friends, but you may want to place limits on how much time you spend with friends or relatives who are always negative. As you begin to associate with more successful people, you will find that they maintain a positive attitude and environment; if you are negative they will not want to spend much time with you.

Your physical work environment needs to be designed for the work that you do. If you work at a computer or at a desk then you need a comfortable office chair and desk. You need a computer screen that does not strain your eyes. You need an appropriate filing system and glare free and adequate lighting. The idea is to design your office space to be comfortable for the type of work you do.

Once you design your environment to be comfortable and supportive, your productivity will soar. It is likely that by eliminating distractions and making things more stress free you will be able to save yourself an hour or more of wasted time per day. You will also feel better at the end of your work day.

By mezza