Matched betting is profitable, that much is for certain but is it as easy as internet makes it sound? Definitely not. There are so many things to consider before you finally set up the accounts and information that’s needed to finally start rolling.

The internet is a tricky place, full of scams as well as goodness. What we should do is to make sure we are not being fooled or led on by. Newcomers often fall prey to many online hackers who mislead a person—especially in the matched betting world, it’s so common.

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Here’s a beginner’s guide that can cover you from all angles, making sure you are safe and secure:

1) Bookmakers

Bookmakers are sort of the employers, they require you to deposit an amount to place a bet but you can use any free bet too, before you withdraw a amount from your account. In some cases, you will be returned the money you put in when in cases of failure. Your stakes are yours, this is not something which happens in the gambling industry and since they’re already said it’s not illegal to do match betting—it won’t be long before things start changing.

You need a betting exchange account that will allow you to place lay bets. Betfair for example, gives you an instant 20$ free bet. You must put in some cash in the Betfair account to get things going, they take about 5% commission on every win you make. But since they’re offering you with the perks of extracting your bet—it’s kind of worth it.

2) Details

There are so many free betting options online—ranging from sports matches to announcements, it’s truly versatility in its greatest form. The bookmaker offers you propositions, it’s up to you what the most beneficial one is. When you take a bookmaker on their offer, you’ll have to keep track of things and just make sure the gambling is really happening. Betfair and Tricky Bet are good partners when it comes to matched betting.

3) Free Bets!

Now that you have a free bet after you’ve gone through the process of backing and laying, you need to squeeze out at much profit as you possibly can. Even if the situation is not in your favor, there are ways where if you don’t achieve anything—it’s not necessary for you to lose anything either.

It’s just about your technique and how you’re doing about with your funds. Find the closest number to the bookmaker’s said amount and lay it in Betfair for the same one—or the closest to it.

Play around with the free bet and refrain from using your own money: which is always a good move because profits are good and free bets are safe. You’re here to make money—not go bankrupt.

Matched Betting is a not so complex game of sorts—just like a deck of cards but here, the stakes are higher because it’s all up to luck. The decks are face-up, not hidden.

By mezza