Melaleuca – How to Use the Internet to Build My Melaleuca Home Business

Although life on the internet has its good and bad days, the internet, which is commonly referred to as Pandora’s box, can be used to yield huge returns in a relatively short time and with virtually no money if you know what you’re doing and keep you’re mind on the prize.

Keeping your mind on the prize includes thoroughly identifying your customer while knowing what you’re doing involves constantly placing yourself in front of your ideal Melaleuca customer (Health and Wellness, Eczema, Heart Health, Green Living), and conveying an effective message (financial independence, contributing back to society, improved lifestyle). The following steps you shpuld use to supercharge your Melaleuca buiness are as follows:

1. Start blogging on industry related topics that are relevant to both Melaleuca business builders and customers. Blogging initially is good because it costs nothing and because it helps to get your name out there. Also, by drilling down on followers of certain blogs and getting acquainted with these folks you can befriend them and build a loyal following with these specific persons that are presold on your subject and looking for SOLUTIONS. In addition to blogging, Associated Content is a good way to begin establishing a market for specific internet dialogue that can lead to customer enrollments.

2. Build your own individually branded website as opposed to depending on a generic Melaleuca website. Let’s face it… unless you want your website to simply act as an online business card that brings in no traffic or business, you must develop your own custom website with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) in mind. SEO will lead to more Google organic search results which is what separates the losers from the winners online over time.

3. Use eBay. Obviously, eBay is a whale online and more specifically in online website traffic generated daily. By selling Melaleuca products online you can collect e-mail addresses that you can program into your autoresponder software package and follow up with these customers periodically over time. Chances are that if they buy from you once that you will have a chance of selling those same persons again.

4. Place a high emphasis on content. When crafting your online melaleuca business marketing strategy be very specific as to what content that you place on your website. If you choose the most popular Melaleuca product (Renew lotion), naturally fill your website with articles and content related to skin conditions such as: eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and itchy skin. Similarly, if Replenex is your favorite Melaleuca product, build your website content around joint and muscle pain topics such as sciatica, arthritis, and hip and joint pain.

5. Article marketing. To build targeted traffic to your website strongly consider becoming a member of ezine directories and becoming an online author. By creating pecific articles that have a signature box that leads back to your website you can generate traffic that is pre-qualified for your Melaleuca home business opportunity; this drives your chances of converting this specific traffic through the roof.

6. Cross- promote your Melaleuca business by utilizing your online marketing strategies with your offline marketing strategies. Ways to accomplish this include but are not limited to: Direct Mail marketing, business cards that have your email address and URL, car magnets, Stationary with your email and URL, and free seminars where you educate your audience and introduce your website as an example.

By mezza