Running a Home Business – Are You a Worker Bee?

One of the great things about working from home is you can see motivation anywhere. There are many days that my office is my sun-room and as work no matter which direction I look, I am looking out a window. The other day as I was working I kept hearing a constant buzzing. I got up and investigated and low and behold the honey bees were all over my garden. As I watched them, the realization hit me that to run a home based business we need to be like the worker bees.

A worker bee has a single purpose, to collect honey for the hive. No matter what obstacle is placed in front of them, they still stay focused on collecting honey.

As a home based business we have a tendency to get distracted by everything around us. It is sometimes easier to find work around the house to do, than it is to stay focused on our business. I’ve had those days where the lawn being mowed was far easier to do than to promote and move my business forward.

The fact is no matter what you write down or plan, it means nothing if there is not action to go with it. I have an excellent daily plan, and there are days that absolutely nothing is completed off of it. Instead of just writing your plan out you need to actually do something. if an obstacle is placed in front of you, don’t allow it to take all of your attention. If you can solve it quickly then do it, but if not, find a way around it and keep moving towards your goals.

As a home based business it is very easy to be distracted and get off track. The key is to get yourself back on track right away. So, take a lesson from the bee. Stay focused on the honey, no matter what obstacle (whether you created it or not) you encounter, you need to stay focused on your honey!

By mezza