Stay-At-Home Moms That Are Empty Nesters – 3 Questions to Ask Before You Enter the Work World

Many stay-at home moms that have transitioned to empty nester status are going back into the work world, many of them have no choice. Whether they have to work voluntarily or not, traditional jobs are not easy to come by in the current economy. The current unemployment rate is at 10% and continues to escalate. The competition for jobs is intense and can leave a person frustrated and unemployed for a long time. In light of a very competitive job environment, there are several questions you should ask before you launch back into the work world.

3 Questions To Ask Before You Enter The Work World

1. Do You Know What Type Of Job You Want?If this is your first pursuit of a job, do you know what you have a passion for? If you are not sure what you have a passion for, there are many job assessment tools available to help you online. Just do a keyword search on Google for ‘Career Assessment Tools’. You can also go to a local college or public library that should also carry these types of career assessment tools. Maybe you had a job before becoming a stay-at-home mom that you want to go back to. Maybe you are just looking for any source of income, and the type of job is not a high priority. Knowing the type of job you will be pursuing, leads to a second question you need to be asking.

2. Do You Meet The Qualifications For That Job?Even though you might be assessed to be successful in certain careers, it does not necessarily mean that you have the qualifications for that career. You need to take into account that you might need certain schooling that requires a degree or certification. If you go back to a former career, it could be that you are no longer qualified for that job. You might need to come current on new technology and procedures. If you are just looking for a job that trains you on the job, then make sure you know what is required.

You can know what job you are looking for, be completely qualified for the job, but still not get the job. So when you run into a very likely scenario, especially in today’s declining economy, do not get frustrated, be prepared to execute the third question.

3. Do You Have A Contingency Plan, If You Cannot Get The Job You Want?Prepare yourself, by understanding that many people are competing for the same job. There are over 15 million people without jobs today. There will be many rejections, but do not lose heart. Continue to fill out job applications and follow-up your applications with a phone call, and when possible go to the place of business. If you get to a place where the urgency of getting a job begins to affect the well-being of your family, begin exploring alternative job opportunities.

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By mezza