The Benefits of Using a Floor Door Stop

There are a number of different types of door stops and each is made for a specific purpose. Some protect the door or the wall from damage and others are used to keep doors propped open. The Floor Door Stop is made for hands-free door opening. It is a safe method of ensuring that no one gets locked out of a building or a specific room. Here is what people should know when they are ready to purchase a door stop.

Using a Wedge

Door stops made to hold back a door are wedge shaped so they are easy to tuck between the bottom edge of the door and the floor. The safest and most effective use is to push the door open as completely as possible and kick the wedge into place so the door is firmly held back. If done correctly the door will not blow closed in the wind or slowly shift back into place. It will remain where it is until the wedge is removed. Removing the wedge takes just a tap or two to push it out from under the door.

Protecting the Floor

Rubber door stops prevent damage to the door and the floor because they are flexible and non-marking. The durable stops withstand daily use and hold the door in place with all types of flooring.

Keeping Them Around

Door stops do no property damage because they are not attached to the door or the floor. Most people tuck them up against the wall behind the door where they are most often used. Their affordability makes it easy to have one next to all of the doors commonly propped open in a building. The lightweight design makes it easy to keep the door stops in tool caddies or on cleaning carts for maintenance and housekeeping staff members to use wherever they are needed.

Door stops are simple to use. They make it easier to hold doors open for moving freight, bringing in deliveries or letting in a crowd. It eliminates the need for someone to manually hold the door and is a safe and effective tool for homes and offices.