The Best Work at Home Business Idea For the Next 10 Years

Hands down, the best work at home business idea for the next decade is going to be affiliate marketing.

This is just the way the global economy is headed, whether you like it or not. Too many people are still trapped in the mentality of looking for opportunities they can do at home in which they swap their time for dollars.

This is why so many people fall for fake opportunities like the notorious envelope stuffing one.

Sure, if you are employed for a company it’s becoming more popular that they’ll let you work at home some days. Why? Because there are many advantages for them: primarily, it lowers some of their expenses.

Well, affiliate marketing is this notion taken to a much greater extent.

Which do you think is cheaper for a company: hiring, training, and retaining an employee; or only paying someone if they’ve made a sale or a lead for the company?

The latter is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is going to the dominant work at home business idea for the next 10 years because the advantages for companies it creates are enormous. It slashes their expenses and risks to almost nothing, and the upside is potentially enormous.

Granted, they still have to compete for the attention of potential affiliates, like yourself, so if their income opportunity isn’t any good, they won’t succeed.

Lest you think all the advantages are on the side of the company, you’d be mistaken.

Even though you don’t earn money for time as an affiliate, you get paid for performance. How is that an advantage? Well, any typical job is salary based. You earn a set salary no matter what you do.

As an affiliate, the more productive you become, the more you earn. There are affiliates who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and some earn millions. There is no ceiling on your income if you choose to be an affiliate marketer.

That’s why I made the decision 7 years ago to do this full-time, and I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I now train hundreds of people all over the world to do the same in my private training service.

Other advantages of affiliate marketing are: you can do it almost anywhere in the world; you have no boss (if you don’t like a particular company, you can fire them and move onto another program); you set your own hours; the start-up costs are the lowest of any real business I’ve ever come across; and the list goes on.

Interestingly, because affiliate marketing is pay for performance it scares a lot of people: namely, all of those people who can’t shake the conditioning they’ve had for years that you shouldn’t work unless you are getting paid for your time.

Unfortunately for these people, the world is changing and the people who are willing to shift to a more entrepreneurial bent are going to have a huge edge in the years ahead.

Will you be one of them?

By mezza