Truth Box 101 – Are Cash Paid Surveys Online Legit?

Researching cash paid surveys online to determine if either authentic or a scam can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Many articles have been written on how one can identify cash paid surveys online that are authentic and those that are scams. As a prospective participant of these surveys, it is critical to learn how to tell the differences. So basically working with a non legit company will cost you in lost time with no pay. And I don’t need to argue the fact that the idea here is to make money. Spending a few minutes to study and apply the tips listed below will save you a lot of potential grief when choosing the best survey company for you.


The first step to determine weather a cash paid surveys online company is legit it is to pay close attention to what the program or the website is offering. This step should be done even before you consider attempting any surveys from them. Be cautious from sites that guarantee you a set number of surveys per month, because it will vary. Some sites even go to the extent of telling you how much you will make in a month, although a sliding range should be ok. So now you learned that cash paid surveys online cannot guarantee you the exact number of surveys or the exact amount that you will earn in a month.


Using this following method will help you to narrow down your choices. The best way to find cash paid surveys online is to be a critic. Make your choices based on substantial feedback and testimonials and also the quality of the website. Cross reference with forums and discussion groups to see where people are making there money. Stay far away from websites that have just one or two testimonials.


A very effective method to employ at the very beginning of your search for reputable cash paid surveys online company is to use a scam filter. Here’s what you do, put the website name on a Google search with the word scam next to it, for example (cash paid etc scams?) And study the articles and messages from previous members. This will give you immediate feed back on weather or not to move forward with that company.


Government information is by far the best source available for you to cross reference a company’s credentials. Even though cash paid surveys online are not regulated, you will definitely find a list of sites that have already been banned. Use this list as a reference and compare it to other sites accordingly. If you are serious about a long and successful home based business with cash paid surveys online, then you should keep yourself updated. Although there is not set rule book to be able to tell fraudulent sites apart from the others, you can dramatically minimize your risks by employing all of our tips in this article.

By mezza