What Do I Need to Create a Website For My Home Based Business?

You have found the right article to get you started in the right direction for this important endeavor. Basically you will need these four things: to register a domain name, web hosting, an HTML editor and some content to include on your website.

Here is a brief explanation of these four things and enough information to get you started to be able to create a website.

Domain name: The domain name will be your unique address of your new website, you might think about saving money and going with one of the free website hosting packages but in the long run that could turn out to be regrettable. Those free solutions usually do not look professional and have advertisements on the pages. It is very easy to register a domain name and costs less than $10 per year.

Web hosting: The storage space somewhere in cyberspace where your website content will live is known as the Web hosting. There are many hosting providers and I would highly recommend , for less than five dollars a month you can have a reliable space to have your website hosted.

HTML editor: A website editor is a program that will create the code needed for your website. You could start with a free one like Kompozer to build your first website. It is free to download and easy to learn how to use.

The content: If you are wanting to make yourself a new website you most likely have an idea or already some text and images to put on the website. If you only have several pages of text to start with, it would be a good idea to get some photos to add as mixing the images with the text will make a more interesting webpage to look at.

Now you know the basics on what you need to get started with this project. Just to recap: you’ll need a domain name, a web hosting provider, and an HTML editor and a few photos and probably a page or two of text for the content.

By mezza