Every individual dreams of a satisfying career, and to achieve it every career-driven person works towards it with equal enthusiasm and resources – both mental and financial. When looking for rewarding careers, India has plethora of choices from which one can choose according to their interests and expectations. The most popular choice, however, is Master in Business Administration, popularly abbreviated as MBA. Offering a well-designed course structure that is both vocational and theoretical, MBA colleges have recently gained a lot of credibility for young students all across the country. However, with increasing competition students often find themselves lost in the sea of people who apply for these courses. To top it over, the high-qualifying parameters make it even tougher. Admission in the top MBA colleges of the country is no longer a cakewalk.

The best MBA colleges in India such as IILM provide wholesome education in every aspect. Apart from world class education standards, they also have a strong placement structure and wide alumni network. With these crucial features on offer, they are highly selective when it comes to admission. Apart from the entrance test, various colleges take other factors too in consideration making the process well-rounded and complex. Whether it is the Common Admission Test (CAT), percentage achieved in graduation, college profile or job experience, the prerequisites are many.

CAT being the major qualifier, the other prerequisites to gain entrance in management schools depend on individual institutions. Some of the colleges in Delhi for MBA, due to their well-connected network and global course structure, have added levels of entrance qualifiers apart from the admission test.

In these scenarios, it is advisable for an MBA aspirant to be at the top of his/her game and excel at every forum. Some tips to crack the much-dreaded CAT and other levels for admission in the top MBA colleges in India are:

  1. Increase in reading speed

It is essential for MBA aspirants to be quick and fluent readers. To understand questions easily, one has to have a good command of the language and vocabulary. A well-nurtured reading habit when it comes to books and newspapers can help in this scenario.

  1. Speed of mental calculations

It is of utmost importance that one knows on their fingertips the various methods of mental calculation. Whether they are complex problems or mind-boggling solutions, one has to be prompt with their figures since in the final examination you cannot afford to spend more than 2 minutes on each question.

  1. Coaching centres

Whether it is CAT, or any other admission test for MBA colleges, coaching centres help in providing a direction to the seamless syllabus for the examination. Along with easy ways to study, they also come up with blueprints of the course structure and prepare you for all the questions that may come in the test.

  1. Mock tests

Perhaps one of the most important steps towards a good CAT score is practising as many mock tests as possible. They not only prepare you for the kind of questions that’ll be asked, but it also helps you in managing time.

  1. Equal importance to all sections

It is wise to make sure that the given time is distributed equally amongst all sections of the paper. If you do not know the answer to a particular problem, skip and keep doing rest of the paper. Come back to the unattended ones in the end.

  1. Interview preparation

Cracking the admission test is not enough, as half of the students get rejected on the basis of their interview. Do not give open-ended or broken answers. Be confident about what you speak.

  1. Maintaining composure

One of the most common failings of students is that they break down under immense pressure. It is important to maintain cool and composure when attempting the questions as there is nothing worse than anxiety when it comes to performance kill.

It is true that admission in the top MBA colleges is not easy, but it is also true that with the right preparation and rigorous practice, one can crack the admission test, interviews and all the other additional levels with flying colours.

By mezza