Discover Why You Can Have Explosive Success With An Online Home Business

As in the real world, the percentage of people who fail to succeed in their online home business is pretty high. The reasons are numerous, ranging from the lack of proper motivation to the type of business that one enters into. After many years of failing myself, I’m finally on the path to explosive success and in this article, I would like to discuss how you can have a lot of success in your online home business.

What I have discovered is that your chances of making a substantial income relatively rapidly is in network marketing. Network marketing is often portrayed as nothing else than a pyramid scheme where only people at the top get the opportunity to make a lot of money. So a lot of people start in this business, not really believing in the opportunity and looking for proof that they are being reaped off instead of working on their business, understanding that it’s a great way to make a living.

Usually people don’t think of network marketing as a franchise operation. I myself, didn’t see it that way at first. But that’s exactly what you are acquiring when you sign up with a network marketing company and follow their system. The money you are earning is leveraged income which is generated by the energy, talent and commitment of the other entrepreneurs on your team.

To understand the potential of network marketing, I will give you an example that will illustrate the nature of the work and the type of result you can get.

Let’s say you work on your business part-time, putting in 20 hours each week and you make 10 sales a week (it takes you 2 hours of work to make a sale) and the commission is $100 per sale.

On Your Own: 20 hours, 10 sales, $1000 per week

Let’s say you decide to build a team, enlisting other like-minded entrepreneurs who want to also make $100 per sale and you get $10 for every sale each member makes on your team. At the end of 6 months, you have a team of 100 people. They also each make 10 sales on average per week.

With your team: 2000 hours, 1000 sales @ $10 each, you make at least $10,000 per week.

Can you see how you can have explosive success with your online home business?

Of course, making $10,000 a week will not happen overnight. You will have to put in some regular hours, be consistent in your efforts and apply the system you will be provided. But I can assure you it will be much more enjoyable work (in your pajamas at home listening to your favorite music) than working in an office or a store with the boss harassing you. Having an online home business is an exciting proposition.

By mezza