When is it Time to Quit MLM?

When is it time to turn in your notice and quit building your MLM business? Some would say yesterday, and others would say never. Both would have valid arguments, but neither would really be able to evaluate things from your perspective. Consider the many brick and motor businesses that have had to close their doors over the last two years during the recession. It’s not always just about will power and the drive to persevere. Let’s consider a few points to evaluate.

The first point to consider is how long you have been trying to build your network marketing business with little or no growth at all. An MLM distributorship is unlike any other business model out there. You may only be paying $100-$200 per month, at which you could potentially hang on forever. That is not the point. Businesses need to make a profit and at least cover their costs. Too many networkers have been making less than $200 per month for years, yet they attend all the calls, meetings, and buy the latest DVD’s. That is okay, but you need to evaluate your tenure.

The second point to consider is the support you receive from those around you. Too many families have this huge stress point in their relationship centered around the idea of continuing to try and build a business that never grows. “Someday my ship will come in,” “It’s my dream,” or “Our turn is next.” Too many upline sponsors drag people along with trite sayings in order to help people not give up. While it may be true that some people finally do break through, if the stress is growing rather than shrinking that is something serious you need to evaluate.

The third point to consider is if network marketing is actually for you. Some people really love MLM, the friendships, relationships, and the business model. That cannot be denied. What many people do not recognize is that there is life outside of MLM. Many people are blind to the other opportunities around them. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of other opportunities to work for yourself outside of the world of network marketing. In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs today are not connected to multilevel marketing at all.

The final point to consider is to evaluate whether it is at least time to take a sabbatical. One of the wisest pieces of advice that you can receive when you are stuck in a rut and things are going nowhere is to step back for a few months, maybe a full year, and not touch network marketing. Remove it completely. Focus on your regular job and growing yourself and the relationships around you. Set a deadline and evaluate things at that point. Until then, stay away.

This article is certainly not anti-multilevel marketing. Not at all. I just know that many people become a junkie to the industry, switching from one company to the next, burning through relationships, and when it is all evaluated, there is little or nothing to show for it. It is not about perseverance sometimes. Maybe it is time to give it a break. That is okay. In fact, I speak from personal experience.

By mezza