Etsy Tips – How to Beat the Competition

Most Etsy sellers go to the post office only once or twice a week, and less than 7% go five times or more.


So, if you let your customers know that you ship daily or every other day, they’re more likely to shop with you because they’ll get their items quicker than with other sellers. These days, instant gratification is king. 78% of sellers offer refunds/exchanges.


So, make sure your customers know that you also offer refunds or exchanges, so they feel safer when purchasing from you. The amount of refunds you will have to give won’t cost you nearly as much as the sales you’ll lose by not offering refunds or exchanges.

28% of sellers offer gift wrapping services.


So, if you let customers know that you do offer gift wrapping services, you’ll make more sales than Etsians who don’t offer it. Make sure you mention it in descriptions, because if someone is looking for a gift that will come wrapped, they’re more likely to look for a seller that openly offers those services than convo someone and ask.

Another important thing to remember about gift wrapping is to try and make it possible for the buyer to open it and make sure everything is right without damaging the packaging.

Another good way to rise above the competition is to buy a showcase. But, what is the best day to buy a showcase?

The best way to answer this is to ask, ‘What day does Etsy get the most traffic?’ Since more traffic means more exposure, and more exposure typically means more sales, we want the best day for traffic when buying a showcase.

In that case, according to charts on , the best day to buy a showcase is Monday, and the second best is Sunday.

By mezza