Home Business Ideas For 2011

The existence of the Internet makes it very convenient to search for home business ideas for 2011, whereas in the past we were limited to off line resources only for ideas. With the current economic situation making it difficult for large numbers of people to make ends meet, the Internet offers a huge resource for potential and existing home business owners to tap.

Online home business ideas may mean seeking ways to enhance an existing online website for many people. Search engine site optimization (SEO) or re-designing your site may be necessary in order to keep up with ongoing Internet trends, for example, or to bring more traffic to your site.

In evaluating trends for 2011, we need to consider the development of the Internet over the last 10 years. In the beginning, it was enough to become skilled at link building to gain a place on the first page of Google with your home business site. Then we found that keyword research had to be relied on to maintain our search engine position and to beat out competitors.

Today, Google has competition from the likes of Yahoo and Bing and, most certainly, from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media sites in particular continue to demonstrate that social interaction is being demanded by people on a very large scale. The social media scenario, then, is showing marketers that there is no better way to market your business.

A boom is certainly happening on the social networking scene. In a survey by Gigya, Facebook is said to drive 44% of people to social sharing; Twitter drives 29%. Yahoo and MySpace drive just 18% and 9% respectively. The traffic to these social networks is created through users sharing links, photos and videos.

In early January 2011 Facebook alone struck 600 million users worldwide – a staggering amount. The prediction is that Facebook will have 1 billion users by 2012. Such, then, is the power of social networking.

Let’s not forget YouTube. After just 5 years online, YouTube has achieved an enviable 2 billion views daily. For those Internet marketers who have neglected YouTube to market their business to date, you have no excuse in not using video as part of your marketing strategy for your home business as this medium continues to explode.

Mobile marketing took off rapidly in 2010 and the trend will surely continue in 2011. More and more businesses are using smart-phones and tablets as part of their business operations. A recent report predicts that there will be over 10 billion mobile units, including iPads and tablet PC’s, in this decade.

The Financial Times reports that according to Enders Analysis, the U.K. spending on mobile phone advertising is likely to increase from $71 million to more than $600 million by 2015, boosted by the ongoing popularity of smart-phones. The report further advises that mobile advertising could be 4% of total online advertising this year and over 9% by 2015.

With the advertising and home business opportunities available, then, through the likes of social networking, YouTube and mobile marketing, we have huge resources at our disposal to tap for home business ideas for 2011.

By mezza