When Did Vera Wang Start Her Business? When Are You Going to Start Your Online Business?

The Story: Once upon a time, a woman began searching for her perfect wedding dress when she was 40 years old. Having spent years in the fashion industry, she knew what she wanted. When she couldn’t find it and had to create her vision herself, a business was born.

Vera Wang’s professional experience focused on editorial spreads, not design. When making a change in her personal life, she had a dream that would not be denied.

The result? Feeling that the existing market catered to the younger, less sophisticated bride, Wang discovered an unfilled niche. She hired a dressmaker and designed her own gown.

The experience founded an empire that is now a household name in fashion business.

What allowed Wang to rise above the criticism and prevail was her stubbornness: “Nothing replaces hard work.”

Wang learned how to provide special service to the bride. She dressed top Hollywood actresses such as Holly Hunter, Meg Ryan, Helen Hunt and Charlize Theron.

When figure skater Nancy Kerrigan wore Vera Wang costumes at the Winter Olympics, Wang got the notice that was her due. As Wang, a former skater herself, commented, “I didn’t make it to that level of competition, but my clothes did.”

Her line expanded into other clothing, and into fragrances. She is into everything bridal, from home goods to china.

The Morale of the Story: You are sitting here in the midst of the recession thinking that Vera Wang is one in a million. Clearly she had talent and a certain amount of luck.

But it was hard work that really made her. It was her ability to identify a niche and offer a product that spoke to a particular need where none existed before. It has her ability to cater to her clientele in a new way that became the gold standard in a new industry.

If you are stubborn and willing to work hard, you are no different than Vera Wang.

If you can fill a niche with a quality product or service, you can build a business. You can build a relationship with your target market like Vera did and grow your business.

Vera Wang understood the basic lessons of business and applied them tenaciously.

These are the hallmarks of success in building a new home business online.

The advantage of knowing how to use the internet to make this happen means that, with stubborn application of the proper principles of service and response, you can build a powerful business. The internet didn’t exist as it now does when Vera got started. You have an edge here if you can apply the “Vera” principles to build your own home empire online.

With proper application of social media tools, you can deliver better and more quickly. This type of success online is happening everyday and the market is still in its infancy.

It just takes stubbornness, vision and perseverance.

Vera Wang had plenty of that. Do you?

By mezza