Home Business Tips – Your Site Stinks

Okay, so you’ve got your own home business and you’re ready to make a killing online. The problem is, your site stinks. You heard me. It stinks. It isn’t worth the time it took to put together and most likely, when people go there, they’re not going to purchase whatever it is you’re selling. But why? Why does your site stink? Well, this article is going to give you a few reasons why your site stinks. I hope you will take this criticism to heart and to something about the problem.

One reason why your site stinks is that it was designed by a five year old. Well, actually, there are some five year olds who can probably design better sites. Most likely, you either did the design yourself or got one of those free templates that somebody whipped together in about five minutes. I hate to tell you this, but these cookie cutter sites do NOT look professional. They certainly don’t stand out from the other sites that are actually making good money. Take a look at the top sites for any niche. They weren’t designed by a five year old and they aren’t templates.

Another reason why your site stinks is because there is no way for people to contact you or see that you are a real person. That’s right. There is no photo of you or your organization. There is no email address or contact form anywhere. There is nothing that somebody can look at and say, “I trust this person.” You hide behind the Internet iron curtain and expect people to give you their hard earned money. Get real! It’s NOT going to happen. Oh sure, you might make a sale here and there, but long term…forget it. You have no credibility and nobody knows who you are.

Finally, the site layout (where things are) is a nightmare. There is no easy navigation so that people can find JUST what they’re looking for. You have a products section? Where is it? Is there a menu option CLEARLY displayed so that people can find it or is it hidden amongst a ton of links to other sites because essentially what you have going on there is a link farm. The page is a navigational nightmare. I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve gone to where I would have GLADLY given them money for a product or service but couldn’t find my way around the joint.

These are just a few of the MANY things that could be wrong with your site and the reason why it stinks. Clean up some of these problems and MAYBE you’ll be on your way to making some money with your home business.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

By mezza