How to Find a Legitimate Home Business Opportunity During the Recession

Many people are worried about the recession. The unemployment rate in the states is the highest it has been in 25 years. Millions of workers have lost their jobs as companies cut back on staff to reduce costs. You may be considering starting a business to prepare for a possible job loss.

This is a wise decision because job security is a myth. Mention job security to the 216,600 workers who were laid off in August in the United States. It’s become apparent that the only security you have is the security that which you create for yourself. Starting a business is an excellent way to do that.

Now that you’ve decided to start a business, you need to decide if the business will be a home-based business. If you decide to check out home business opportunities, there are some points to consider. Is it a product that you will use? You cannot successfully market a product that you don’t use.

Do your due diligence on the company, check out the company’s credibility and the owners’ credibility. Is this a company that you would be proud to represent? Does the company market online? All successful businesses market online these days. If the company markets online, check out the website. Google the website and note what comes up.

Also what is the commission structure? How many income streams can be generated from marketing the products? Some companies generate up to 9 income streams from the initial marketing effort.

Does the company provide a website for you? Do they show you how to create a website? What is the company’s back office like? What quality of training is provided for the distributors? Some companies use both webinars and training calls.

What level of ongoing support is provided for distributors besides the ongoing training? Is there any coaching available for the distributor?

This may seem like a lot of questions. However, the more questions you ask, the more valuable information to evaluate the business opportunities that you are considering. As you conduct your research, focus on the vision that you are creating with your business. Be very clear on why you are building a business. Your “why” will motivate you to create a profitable online business.

Your motivation will carry you through the business challenges. You will create a successful business and make a difference in your world.

By mezza