Internet Marketing – Man’s Purest Form of Commerce

To who and where capital was distributed was determined by many factors. Most of which weren’t based on supply and demand but by prejudices from one group to another. “I won’t do business with him because he’s a…” “Look at her! She’s not the right person for this…” “They’re only fit for this type of work”. These types of attitudes were pervasive since the beginning of the species. The formation of hierarchies, i.e., kings & queens, pharaohs, emperors or whatever titles a particular sect decided to give itself, were the primary reasons.

Through the centuries, Man’s ingenuities propelled the species from one era to another but did not or would not address the chasm created economically. Eventually the merchant formed corporations & companies. Most structured these after the caste systems created monarchies, i.e., President, VPs, etc. All of the capital created moved to the top & little was left for the workers, i.e., the indentured servants, surfs, slaves, etc. This was seen more so during the Industrial Revolution than any other time in history. As history would demonstrate, Man’s thirst to create and improve would not be quelled. Through that thirst, the greatest creation came to be. That creation was the internet.

The internet has moved the planet Earth from the Industrial Revolution (not completely but quite rapidly) into the Information Age. The internet wasn’t designed to be used as it is today but with the opportunity to put information of any genre at the fingertips of so many, it could not be held back. So many preconceptions are falling by the wayside due to anyone’s ability to obtain as much information as he/she would like on any topic.

The internet is also BREAKING DOWN the previous corporate not a minute too soon. Multi-Level Marketing has proven its structure to be more advantageous for everyone who wants to find their definition of success that the corporate structure could allow. Seeing that every dollar that comes to you MUST come from someone else would mean less for the hierarchy. Once that was realized, vicious rumors were started about MLM. “It’s a pyramid scheme to steal your money”. What structure more represented a pyramid than the standard corporation? If MLM is such blight to the global economic “system”, why is the strategy being taught in every major university on the planet?

Internet marketing is the purest form of commerce Man has ever devised and is truly the global choice to move monies from one hand to another. Internet marketing brings “a human value” to commerce than has NEVER been seen before. No longer is a person’s race, physical appearance, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, choice of locale or any other factor besides honesty relevant in deciding whether he/she is worth doing business with. Internet marketing means we must relate to each other for everyone’s financial well-being.

The next time someone asks you what you do, you tell them with PRIDE…”I’m an Internet Marketer and I’m proud of what I do. May I show you how I can assist you in your goals?”

By mezza