Part 4 of 5 – Article Marketing Crash Course – “Incomplete, But Useful”

You’re almost done with your training, and should have a darn good start so far. There are a couple very key things – well, more like “tricks” – that are easy to do but make an article stand out above the others and can turn your regular, everyday article into a traffic and conversion powerhouse.

Let’s keep going!

The trick I’ll be talking about in this article is something you should be conscious of throughout the whole article, since it’s something that will make the reader WANT to click through to your page, that you link them in the Resource Box.

That trick is the semi-known but little-used concept of “Useful, but Incomplete”.

Seriously, hardly anyone does this. Let me explain what exactly it is so you can start implementing this:

What do you write an article for? Are you an affiliate marketer writing an article (or many articles) promoting a product? Are you a network marketer in a home-based MLM business and you’re writing articles to promote your business and attract new leads or increase your downline?

Either way, you’re writing an article to get someone to go somewhere, whether it’s to a website, an opt-in page, or wherever. You want that person to read your article and be interested enough to want to click through it to see what you have to offer, or what else you have to say. Plus, if they read your whole article AND click through to the website you link at the end, they’re already pre-qualifying themselves as “warm” leads, since your article should have pre-sold them and instilled a degree of trust towards you.

But the biggest thing you want to avoid is to give the reader TOO MUCH information. If you give out too much information or don’t include a hook at the end (in the resource box), then they’ll have no reason to click through your link to get more information.

So how do you avoid giving away too much information? You give away just enough info for the person to be interested, to want to learn more or read more, but save the best details for after they click through your link. Tell them there’s more information on [your website], let them know that what they’re reading is by no means all there is, that’s there in fact much more…

And here’s the reason behind this: if you leave the reader feeling incomplete, they’re going to want to find out more. When that happens, what will the reader do? They’ll search for more information! They’ll click through the link.

By mezza