Using Passion to Make Money Online

To make money online there are so many steps involved that it can become a minefield if you don’t know where to start. They are so many products out there you can either promote or sell yourself or you can become an affiliate and market other peoples products.

When I started out in the online world 5 years ago I made a very big mistake. I went after the money and going after the money meant I ended up spending a lot of money and making nothing. I tried to sell and promote products that I had no interest in, I was purely going after the net return on what I thought I could make. This damaged me two fold. Firstly because I had no passion for the product it made it hard to believe in it which in turn made it even harder to promote. Secondly because I had no interest or knowledge of what I was selling I had no idea how to promote it or who would even be interested in purchasing it, this meant I spent countless dollars for no results.

I came across a private money making club online after spending just about everything I had up to that point. By accessing this club I learnt many new techniques but most importantly I learnt about myself, my beliefs and what it is I am really passionate about. I did this by making a list of everything I enjoy in life and everything that I am passionate about. Once my list was complete I then started to focus on how I could turn my passions into an online business. By researching other websites I was able to see what the successful people were doing and model my own business on their success with the tools I learnt through the club.

The results from this were amazing. Not only was I able to put together businesses that were successful, but to me the most important thing was that I loved getting up in the morning going into my office and working. This I had never experienced before because every job I did I was underpaid and I hated it. So in my opinion to be successful you need to find out more about your own passions and from there work on how you can turn these into successful businesses.

By mezza