Put the Power of Focus to Work For You!


I really did not want to shout at you, but I wanted to get your attention.

Multi-tasking is not a button you put on your website to tell everyone what a savvy internet marketer you are. When your boss tells you to become a master of multi-tasking what she means is put aside whatever else you’re working on and do this for me now. When your wife tells you that you really have to learn how to multi-task what she means is get your “honey do” list done more quickly.

Multi-tasking is a fantasy designed to keep you forever in the prison of mediocrity.

Stop jumping from opportunity to opportunity looking for easier, faster and more profitable. Stop spending your time reading useless emails that do not pay you money. Stop wasting your time getting organized so that you will be prepared for those thousand leads that will flood your autoresponder as soon as you get your advertising published. Stop doing anything today that is not going to put money in your bank account tomorrow.

Focus is the key to your success in the internet marketing business. I know that we live in an age where five seconds is an eternity, but five seconds will not bring you the success you want. You can generate multiple streams of income on the internet; in fact, you should develop multiple streams of income on the internet. You just need to start with one step, complete that step, and then move on to the next step.

So, how do you focus when there is so much to get done?

– First, spend a few moments visualizing your goals. Know why you are going to work before you begin your work.

– Next, prepare a “to do” list every time you sit down to work on your internet business. Don’t prepare a to do list and keep it for a week. If you’re doing that you need to break down your tasks into smaller steps so you can move forward to make money.

– Prioritize your list: Number one task is the task that will put money in your bank account quickest. This might be helping your new associates get started. It might be calling your leads to move them to make a decision to join you; it might be placing an ad.

– Start with your number one priority and do not start anything until you have completed number one. Then, and only then, move to number two.

When you have decided on an internet business, you will find success if you focus on the business you have decided to do. You will not find success looking for the Holy Grail. It may be a righteous pursuit but it will not put money in your bank account tomorrow. You need training, put it on your list after the steps that will make you money today. If you are new, training might be your number one priority. When you complete each module of training determine whether you need to implement the steps in that training module before you move to the next module.

By mezza