How Your Online Business Ideas Will Make You a Sure Online Income

To make all this happen, you will need two things for your online business opportunity, related traffic and a good conversion rate. The former is mostly technique and the latter the result of thinking and trying. I will tell you how to do them.

1. First You Need A Business Plan.

And there is no shortcut. That is simply the only way to make your online business ideas to start to go towards the right direction. The basic things are the services or products you want to sell, to whom you want to sell them and how do you want to do it. To put it simply, how can you stand out from the crowd of other marketers of the online business ideas?

The business plan is the plan, like a menu, to which you have to come back several times during your online business trip. You will understand, why it is so useful to have it written. And most probably you have to finetune it many times according to the tracking results. This is the most important way, how your online business ideas get the marketing power.

2. The Search Engine Marketing Is The Best Way To Promote Your Online Business Ideas.

There are many things, which support this. First, it brings a targeted traffic to your site, it is free and works during a long period of time, even if you do not do any new actions during a couple of days. The heart of this strategy is the keywords. You have to rank high enough on the result pages of your chosen, long tail keywords.

But to be able to rank, you need enough related backlinks from sites, which have high page ranks. How to do that? You have to get your domain with the anchor text in the hyperlink into those sites using some technique. One of the best ones is to write articles about the online business ideas and to submit them into the best article directories, which have a high page rank.

Or you can start to write blog comments into the related, high page rank blogs, which are so called dofollow blogs. You can also use the anchor text in the hyperlink. However you have to remember that most of the comment writers are marketers like yourself, so to persuade them into your site you have to offer something very useful.

When you write and submit articles over a long period of time, you will get a traffic machine, which works for sure, because the articles will stay on the directories for ever. These articles are of course optimized with the relevant keywords, so that the surfers can find them.

3. Then You Have To Be Able To Convert This Traffic Into Sales.

If you market using the website, you just have to build the content so, that it builds your brand and includes a clear promise about your online business ideas to be able to stand out from the crowd. It is wise to visit the sites of the most successful online business marketers and to think, why they have the kind of a site, which they have.

But the most effective way is to test and to try lots of different things. The locations must be tested, the colours also and you will find out that by changing the locations, you will get totally different results.

By mezza